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A few small changes in our actions can be of great help to our environment, so damaged today as a result of the high pollution that is occurring mainly from the population.

In whales n sails we are committed with all the actions that favor taking an initiative of environmental care and for that reason today we give you 8 advices to protect our nature.

Respect the rules of environmental care

In many homes, no measures are taken to preserve nature and the environment, but when there are established rules, we comply with them, whether in parks, cities, mountains or in the school itself. If these measures are also adopted at home, we will be collaborating to a greater extent with very little effort.

Evaluate other means of transport

As we talked about a few weeks ago in our blog, a good option to move around the city is the bicycle, because it has countless advantages at a personal level as well as environmental, because it is a medium that does not pollute and if more people joined this initiative the gases emitted by cars would be reduced by a high percentage.

Moderate use of water

Water is a very valuable resource for nature. All species need water and therefore it is necessary to make moderate use of it. Taps should be turned off when the necessary water has been used, irrigation should be left on long enough and, what is more, we should opt for practices where less water is consumed, such as, for example, filling a bathtub with water is not always necessary, and we should make the most of the capacity of appliances that use this resource, such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Household products

Rarely have we considered it, but the water we throw down the pipes that contains cleaning products is very harmful to nature, so a good practice to carry out in homes is to use biodegradable products.

Environmental education

The youngest are the ones who are going to have to take care of nature tomorrow, so it is very important that they are provided with environmental education, which if they carry it out since they are young they will not lose these good practices, and what is better, they will spread them in their surroundings.


The big word associated with caring for the environment and nature, recycling. There is no need to spend time explaining what this means, simply recycle waste at home, supermarket bags, reuse papers, etc. These are small actions that will not cost you anything to carry out.

Seasonal food

Nowadays, many foods are consumed that are not in season, which is a much more expensive and harmful process for nature, in addition to the transport that entails taking them from one country to another. Therefore, consuming seasonal products is very healthy and also helps our environment.

Values natural light

Take advantage of the hours of the day to have the lights off in the house, and when it is necessary to have more light, opt for the low energy bulbs because any saving in this type of energy is a great help to nature.

If we all do our part and follow these tips we will be providing great help to nature. We at whales n sails are aware of the environment. Do you encourage these changes at home?